salt poured on a board with a lemon wedge for cleaning

How to care for your wood cutting board

Salt and lemon for cleaning a board
These 2 items clean cutting boards

We are frequently asked how to care for the cutting board that was just purchased. People want to keep the board as beautiful as the day it is purchased. Of course this is after saying they are too beautiful to cut on (there are two sides…). This is what WoodRiver Woodcrafts recommends for cutting board care:

-Scrape food off board
-Sprinkle with coarse salt and lemon juice use a cloth to scrub the surface
-Rinse with cold water
-Dry immediately
-Treat with butcher block oil, mineral oil, or a blend with bees wax with one of these oils to keep wood in good condition
-Sponge your board with household bleach for tough stains, but minimize the time bleach is on the wood to avoid discoloration
-You not use soap or detergent to prevent weakening the wood’s fiber
-Do not leave in standing water
-Do not wash in the dishwasher