Looking back at 2016

As we finished 2016 we realized we should take stock of what we did and how we need to prepare for 2017. We knew we had been busy as we had to work hard to keep up with our normal demand and the addition of 5 new stores, 4 in Colorado and 1 out of state store in Minnesota. Busy enough with the new stores that we didn’t do the normal round of fall shows for the holiday season.

So what exactly does busy look like?

  • We made 1150 cutting boards
    • 52 of those boards for USA Triathlon
    • We introduced 2 new boards ( a bear and a fox)
  • We made 71 coasters
  • We introduced and made 164 board butters
  • We created 10 clipboards for Hop Doddy
  • We placed product in 8 stores throughout the year
    • 5 of those were the new stores
  • We participated in 8 craft or fine art shows
    • We sold an average of 65 boards at each show
    • We backed out of 1 show because we had sold so much leading up to it we didn’t have the product to go

Looking back it is hard to believe it was only 8 shows. It felt like so much more. Guess that was the addition of 5 stores as we made 303 boards for them. Really we didn’t shoot for a Denver area code when we made them, it’s just a funny coincidence!